Top Cash for Junk Cars Dallas Service Creates New Advertising Videos Specifically for Broken Down Vehicles

(PRWEB) March 07, 2014

The top cash for junk car service in the nation has decided to get more personal this week and focus their efforts completely on the Dallas, Texas area. By creating a video, “Dallas cash for junk cars,” and putting that video out into the internet world, they are letting the people of Dallas, who are looking and searching for the easiest and fastest way to sell and get cash for their cars, that it’s them. The Dallas branch of the cash for car service has been working hard at expanding their YouTube channel. They are doing this so that future clients can have the best chance of finding them. works with partners in most major cities to purchase junk cars and trucks and has several associates in the Dallas area to serve those who are currently looking to sell. The Dallas branch has plenty of employees. Handling your call, processing your quote, picking up your vehicle, and getting your cash fast will not be a problem for the company. They have a state-of-the-art tracking and towing system in place waiting for the calls. To view the site, please visit

The announcement made by Cash for Cars Quick that Dallas vehicle owners can get a guaranteed quote in just minutes means they can sell their unwanted cars and trucks as quickly as possible for cash. The company understands that in this constantly changing economy, sometimes the seller needs cash and needs it fast. The cash for cars company makes sure that absolutely everything about the entire process is as fast and speedy as possible. Dallas residents can get quotes on their unwanted cars and trucks that are not only quick, but are also guaranteed. Within minutes, quotes are provided and the cash is rushed to the seller within an hour. The rapid service doesn’t stop there. Autos are also picked up quickly. Cash for Cars Quick has an extensive network of automotive affiliates in the Dallas area that will tow their vehicles away after sale completely free. The excellent and rapid service provided by Cash for Cars Quick is due to their extensive partnership network.

The companys database of hundreds of car lot owners, salvage yards and towing companies means the demand for used and junk vehicles is high. Used car lot owners are constantly seeking all makes, models and years of vehicles to refill their lots and resell to customers. The company buys these types of vehicles every day, and helps these places stock their inventory. Hot deals and fast cash for junk cars in Dallas service is what has made this company one of the top used auto buyers in the industry. There vast network of partners are located in cities across the country and purchased autos are distributed for recycling or resale. More about cash for cars can be found by visiting

This auto cash for car buying business has partnered with the top social media marketing consultant in the country to continue to encourage the substantial value of contacting an reliable and confident company, with a strong standing in the industry, for those who are looking for a way to quickly get cash for their old or junk cars. To find out how to sell a junk car anywhere in the United States or to receive an instant quote right over the phone for any car or truck, running or not call, 888-728-7177.

About the Company: is a growing fast cash for junk car service that offers junk car recycling and that provides a high return to the car and truck owners throughout the United States. The company and its partners follow environmentally friendly disposal practices to safeguard the future of the planet. The corporate office is located in Southern California, but offers service in every major city across America. To learn more about the junk car for cash service visit the company website or call the corporate office.

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Half of People Know a Hoarder Report Shocking Details of Junk Piles

Foster City, CA. (PRWEB) July 21, 2014

Junk piled to the ceiling, bugs on food, used cat litter, rat droppings, dead animals, stacks of fast-food cups, boxes of empty pill bottles, and used Band-Aids are among the items seen in hoarders houses by respondents to a new survey by, an independent consumer insurance website.

According to a survey of 2,000 adults, 46 percent know someone who hoards, and 6 percent of people identify themselves as hoarders.

Among people who know a hoarder, 36 percent said they had to clean out a house after a hoarder moved or passed away.

Compulsive hoarding is a disorder that goes beyond collecting or lack of cleaning. Hoarders are unable to stop adding to their piles, and the items end up impeding daily activities. Hoarders may feel emotional attachments to objects that others regard as trash, even while health, fire, and even structural hazards are apparent to others.

A stack of old newspapers doesnt necessarily make you a hoarder, said Amy Danise, editorial director of A stack of old newspapers that blocks a door does.

Heres whos hoarding, according to survey results:

1.    Friend: 32 percent.

2.    Family member: 27 percent.

3.    Neighbor: 23 percent.

4.    Parent: 15 percent.

5.    Spouse: 8 percent.

6.    Myself: 6 percent.

7.    Child: 5 percent.

8.    Other: 5 percent.

These are the most commonly hoarded items:

1.    Mixed items: 34 percent

2.    Knickknacks: 16 percent

3.    Magazines and newspapers: 11 percent

4.    Clothes: 9 percent

5.    Food: 7 percent

6.    Electronics: 5 percent

7.    Containers: 4 percent

8.    Other: 4 percent

9.    Animals: 4 percent

10.    Bags: 4 percent

11.    Appliances: 1 percent

Among the answers for other, people named boxes, broken-down cars or simply everything. Many people reported seeing items stacked to the ceiling.

Hoarding usually leads to fire or health hazards, according to people who know a hoarder. When asked about specific hazards they have witnessed, people point to:

    Fire hazard: 59 percent
    Health hazard: 53 percent
    Hazard to health of animals: 20 percent
    Other hazard: 9 percent. (Respondents often reported trip and fall hazards.)
Efforts to throw out items often backfire when the person who hoards becomes even more resistant to getting rid of the piles. Among the survey respondents who know hoarders, 71 percent have tried to get rid of items. Of those:

    25 percent said they were successful.
    34 percent said they failed.
    41 percent said they were able to throw away only some items.
People who have tried to throw out items said the hoarder reacted in these ways (respondents could choose more than one selection):

    Tried to make piles of things to save: 36 percent
    Cried or screamed: 29 percent
    Weren’t there: 25 percent
    Blocked entry: 24 percent
    Recalled memories associated with the things: 21 percent
    Locked them out: 12 percent
    Other: 8 percent.
    Left the premises: 7 percent
Hoarding can have serious insurance implications if a home insurance company performs an inspection and discovers the hazards. Hoarding could also come to light during an insurers visit for an insurance claim, such as a kitchen fire or even a claim unrelated to the piles, such as weather damage.

Insurers that discover hoarding will often give a customer a timeline for improving the property. In extreme cases where a hoarder cant clean up enough, an insurer could cancel the policy rather than take the risk of future claims.

By the time your insurance company is thinking of cancelling you, youve likely had fire and health hazards for years, said Danise.

See the full article at

Methodology commissioned a survey of 2,000 U.S. adults, half women and half men. The survey was fielded in June 2014.

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