1962 Ford Galaxie 500 For Sale

1962 Ford Galaxie 500 For Sale

For more info about this Galaxie, call the Classic Car Center at 540-370-XXXX 1962 Ford Galaxie: Uncle Jimmys Ride This 1962 Ford is just like your Uncle Jimmy or Aunt Sally would have bought it at the dealership: four door Galaxie 500 (not an XL) Manual steering & brakesnone of that highfalutin power stuff three gear manual on the columnit was good enough for Pa Factory-delete radionone of that new Rock & Roll in this car Beautiful Chestnut paintdont have to wash it as often A big 352 VOLT-8 2 bblso Little Jimmy wont be racing Yes, it does have a heaterAunt Sally would have insisted on it Factory build sheet Seemingly low (21,409) mileage since new with some documentation Talk about nostalgia: this car will get you there and back and it looks like new! Not the Sexiest, but They dont get any Nicer! Paint and Chrome The 1st thing that jumps out about this Ford Galaxie 500 sedan is the near flawless Chestnut re-paint (original color)all 2 acres of it. Nary a nick or scratch to be found.

Price: $ 11,900

3591 Lee Hill Drive
22408 Fredericksburg, USA

How much should i pay for a 1999 ford f250 truck at a junk yard?

Question by Domenico Consiglio: How much should i pay for a 1999 ford f250 truck at a junk yard?
I dont want the people at the junk yard to rip me off so is there a value that would be reasonable for a radio for a f250 1999 truck?

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Answer by kevinjrgaston
If it’s the original radio, I wouldn’t pay more than $ 50 for it, knowing that everything still works and is in tip top shape.

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