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City cracking down on junk cars
Port Huron's next blight effort will target junk cars. The city's police and code enforcement departments will start towing abandoned, inoperable and unregistered vehicles in early September. “Some people start with good intentions, they try to fix …
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Junk cars race at LeMons
You car cannot cost more than $ 500. This is not about winning, it's about endurance – how long can you endure driving your piece of junk around the track? It's also about who is driving the biggest piece of junk around the track. Have you ever driven a …
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Resident: Junk cars a nuisance
As for one of the autos, which Wright said sits along the road, if it's on a township right of way, the township could take action, said Supervisors' Vice Chairman Walt Rupert. Zoning Officer Mike Kull said the township has a junk car ordinance, dating …
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