How much should I expect an auto salvage company to pay for my “junk car?”?

by 2sman

Question by Chloe: How much should I expect an auto salvage company to pay for my “junk car?”?
I had just gotten two new back tires (front tires still good condition, just older) on my 2002 Volswagen Passat when someone pulled in front of me and I wrecked my car. There was body damage valued probably at a couple grand, but it was still running after that and I actually drove it around for a while after that. But it has over 100,000 miles on it, and it broke down one night on a drive home. I’m still not sure exactly what went wrong in the engine, but my husband and father-in-law seem to think it may have been the timing belt. However, it had had minor electrical issues before I was ever even in the accident.
So anyways, I opted to just get the check for it, even though it wasn’t dubbed a total loss, and it’s just been sitting in my driveway for a few months now. I’m considering selling it to one of those auto salvage/”we buy junk cars” places, but I’m wondering what I should expect as a fair price. Any thoughts?

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Answer by Jessica Gentry
I sold my car to an “auto salvage” a couple years back. I had a minor accident and never drove it again due to money issues and the auto salvage gave me $ 250 for it.

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