How to Sell Junk Cars for Cash in Long Beach or LA, California ?

Question by : How to Sell Junk Cars for Cash in Long Beach or LA, California ?
Where Can I Find Junk Car Removal in Long Beach, CA?
Can I Get Cash For My Junk Cars in Los Angeles, CA ?

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Answer by Lilboys
Well Ron, you know those really drunk guys you find outside of the liquor store. They ask you to buy them beer. Just take his money and give him the car.

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does everyone buy their cars cash?

Question by : does everyone buy their cars cash?
I always see new cars driving around, lots of young people and teens driving the latest cars, does everyone have the cash to pay for these or what? seems I had to work like a dog to pay for my first new car outright for $ 12,000

how does it all work?

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Answer by Maia
I did.
Then I had one to sell and I did have some cash from Gran’s will.
(Most of it went on a mortgage deposit.)

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