Cash for Crappy Cars

What do you think of our shiny new website? Episode 6 Cash for Clunkers Cash for clunkers is ending on monday. Great if you’re the government and need to catch up, terrible if you were planning on buying a new car in the not so near future. AFO thinks it’s slightly humorous that the Cash for Clunkers program came, saw, and got totalled… Once a weekZachary Little, Jory Caron, Ryan Lewis, and Joshua Martin focus on what matters most in the news. We discuss it, add our own two cents, and let you (the viewer) savor it’s goodness. !!New Episodes Every Saturday!! Support The Show! Website: Facebook Twitter: Subscribe, Comment, Rate, and tell your friends. —————————— associated channels: Written by and Starring: Zachary Little, Jory Caron, Ryan Lewis, and Joshua Martin Edited by: Jory Caron Graphics by: Ryan Lewis An Angry Films Production in association with ideo Productions- © 2009.
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